Cveta Majtanović (Serbian: Цвета Мајтановић) (born March 31, 1986 in Novi Sad, Serbia, then Yugoslavia) is a Serbian singer who rose to popularity after winning Idol, the Serbian version of Pop Idol, shown on BKTV.

During the year 2004, she goes to London, gives interviews to different UK magazines, and meets with Idol license holders Freemantle Media. In Summer 2004, shoots a video for Nisam ista (I'm not the same), a song that was later published on a maxi-single promotional CD with 4 songs Nisam ista, Stop, Hot Stuff and Things are going my way the English version of Nisam ista song. Shoots a video for Stop. After that she had concerts across Serbia and Montenegro with 10 Idol finalists. In August 2004 she went to Warsaw, Poland, in Sony BMG Production Studios, BMG Poland, whose producer Bogdan Kondracky will be signed as a producer of all the songs on the album, and, of course, as a producer of the whole CD. English and Serbian version of CD has been recorded.

It was announced in January 2006. that Majtanović had signed with Automatik Records. Released on February 2007, Pogledaj u sutra. December 2006, Serbian Radio Festival Radijski Festival and the promotion of Pop Trash song. December 2007, - Serbian Beovizija festival and promotion of new song - Iznad nas with Studio Alektik quartet.
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