Alright folks, here's the deal on this particular forum. This is what I'd like to see:

I) Make an introduction in the right area. Tell people who you are and get to know the others. The profiles only tell so much.

II) Share funny stories, jokes, pics, and whatever else. Remember NO hardcore (any male genitalia) or UA etc.

III) Feel free to post NEW topics. USE THE SEARCH FEATURE FIRST! (Share your interests)!!!!! This is a forum use it as such.

Do not bash/slander anyone too hard if you make a comment on someone's intro or what they post, if you don't like someone's taste don't look.

V) Please no posting links to other web sites or your own. (use your profile for yours)

VI) A lot of people are browsing the site but aren't posting! Post replies tell us what you think of the jokes etc, but leave out the net lingo (LOL, smilies, she's hot, that's cool, nice find etc) We truly do want to know.

VII) Remember to read all the rules and abide by them. Each forum has it's own rules, so pay close attention.

VIII) Have a blast but behave yourselves!

Note: Do not post random crap just to download pictures. That includes asking for PASSWORDS! IF THE POST IS NOT LEGIT IT WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY!!

Any other questions or comments feel free to let either the admins. or the mods know. \/