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Looks like she is leaving (left) the web.... ???

Her website is for sale 10,000$ and the samples on her site is like over a year old. It's still open for members and to join.
Maybe she is planing a new site with her girlfriend, I don't know. Anyways I hope the future will show.

Also the last time she has logged in her channel at You/Tube is more than 10 months ago (if it's her channel).
Well it's nice that she has not deleted her videos on You/Tube but I wish she would return with some updates. Even just seeing her face.
There is a lot of older free pictures if you Google her. The latest picture I ever could find was from 2009.
Here is a collection (3 pages) http://rip-productions.net/collectio...tens-room.html

Accourding to this site, she has just gotten out of jail for the third time using meth:

Also a massive thread or 2

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they inluding rip are my threads.... and more on the meth case on the forumphillia links